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Unique expansion of the Port of Skagen provides more power at the port – DanCables supplies the cables

The Port of Skagen is Denmark’s largest fishing port and an active commercial port. It is a port in growth and with a global outlook that wants an optimal framework for commercial growth and development. Therefore, the Port of Skagen is now in the process of the third stage of a port expansion. It will create a larger and better framework for the port’s core areas: fishing, fishing industry and affiliated industries. DanCables is proud to be one of the many subcontractors for this expansion. Through Lemvigh-Müller, we have supplied aluminum installation cables partitioned into 10,000 meters of HFAL-S class 2 cables, and 2,400 meters of HFAL-M class 1 cables. The cables are delivered to the executing electricity partner on the construction site. The installation cables will be used for two transformer stations, each of which will supply five shore-side power stations. When the port expansion is completed in 2021, the new shore power stations will be ready to supply power to several types of vessels.

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