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Installation Cables

Halogen Free & Armoured Power Cable

DanCables distribute a range of halogen free and fire retardant Installation Cables for low voltage application in the range 0.6kV/1kV. Halogen free power cables are suitable for use indoor, outdoor or directly buried in soil under normal install conditions. Enable superior performance with our aluminium multicore cable HFAL-S. We also supply a selection of copper SWA Armored Cables.

Our low smoke halogen free flame retardant range of cables are safe for areas where human and animal life as well as valuable property are exposed to a high risk of fire hazards.

DanCables’ mains power leads are manufactured with high quality conductors and insulation materials, therefore allowing them to withstand chemical, mechanical and thermal stresses. As a result, control cables are suitable for temporary or fixed applications indoor, outdoors or buried in soil.

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Aluminium Installation Cables

DanCables stock a range of control cables that are available with several variants. HFAL-S are halogen-free installation cables with aluminum conductors. They can be installed indoors stored on cable trays or cable ladders. Outdoors in wet areas or directly buried in soil under normal installation conditions.

Installation Cable

HFAL-S cable

The installation cable HFAL-S is halogen-free and fire retardant and is used for low voltage installations in the range 0.6/1kV. The cable has a fine stranded class 2 aluminum conductor.

HFAL-S Aluminium Standard Installation Cables

Armored Installation Cable

DanCables stock a range of copper standard installation cables. Armored power cables are halogen-free and for fixed installation indoors or outdoors directly in soil, but not in water or in vibrated concrete. Contact DanCables for galvanized steel band armored control cable.

Armored Installation Cable

HFBH-J cable

The HFBH-J 300/500 V is a halogen free cable. It has mechanical rodent protection made of two layers of galvanized steel bands (stainless steel on 1G6). Sheath out of light grey (like RAL 7032) halogen free compound, meter marked, and UV stabilized.

HFBH-J armeret installationskabel

Find the right combination

Cables, connectors, and tools

It is a jungle to figure out which connectorization tool, die, connector or cable lug to use on your cable. A connector allows you to get power from the distribution board and out through the cables. To terminate your connector to your cable you need a tool with the correct die. To help you choose the right combination for your cable dimension we have made a matrix chart where it´s easy to determine which tool, die and connector work together.

View HFAL-S Matrix