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Power Cables from DanCables ApS

Innovative designs for superior power performance.

DanCables ApS are an international distributor of electrical power cables for industrial markets. Specifically, we tailor logistical concepts for our customers and provide innovative power solutions. As a result, our concepts add value to our customers’ supply chains and projects. Industrial power cables are manufactured with cutting-edge technological advances, therefore enabling superior performance, cost savings and increased productivity. Most notably, DanCables are the creator of high quality cable sets like Alukaflex Connect and Alukaflex Midnight. Finally, you can also find on our website cables for fixed installation and a range of power products, e.g. tools, repair kits and connectors.

Power Cables

Browse our range of power cables. DanCables distribute a selection of aluminum and copper leads with a number of variations available.

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Power Solutions

Browse our range of power solutions. DanCables have designed innovative electrical solutions in the form of ready made cable sets.

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Power Products

Browse our range of power products. DanCables supply a range of products such as distribution boxes, connectors, and work lights.

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Browse Electrical Power Cables

DanCables stock a range of low voltage cables with either aluminum or copper conductors. We offer a range of bespoke electrical wires and cable for single or three phase applications, allowing us to serve a number of industries. We distribute cables that can be used for temporary or fixed installation, such as installation cables. Finally, listed products are DEKRA certified to highlight quality manufacturing.

Aluminium Power Cable Drum Alukaflex

Aluminium Power Cables

We distribute a range of single core or multicore aluminum power cables. Browse our flexible rubber Aluxaflex®, Alukaflex® PUR, Installation Cables and other variations.

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Copper Cable Drum

Copper Power Cables

We distribute a range of single core or multicore copper power cables. Browse our flexible rubber H07RN-F, H07BN4-F, Installation Cables and other variations.

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Aluminium Power Technology

Alukaflex Connect

Alukaflex Connect is a revolutionary power connection solution that replaces the use of copper cables. Our experts have designed an aluminum cable concept that performs with the same benefits of H07RN-F. Most importantly, Alukaflex Connect is a cost effective solution. Our innovative solution couples Alukaflex® electrical leads with bimetal single pole connectors for safe and reliable power distribution.

  • High current capacityup to 565 amps!
  • Dependable durability
  • Outstanding flexibility – 6 x OD bend radius!
  • Considerably cheaper than copper
  • Incredibly lightweight – 40% lighter!
  • Safe mains supply connections – powerlock mechanism!
  • Low risk of theft due to low scrap value

Are you ready for an aluminum power solution that matches copper performance, whilst making a huge cost saving?

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