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Crimping Tools

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DanCables stock a selection of crimping tools and crimping dies from our German partner Intercable (former Weitkowitz). Everything you need for crimping of cable lugs, connectors and compression bolts (pinbolts), including connecting on Alukaflex our flexible Aluminium cable.

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A long lasting cable solution needs quality crimping.

We have all the tools or dies you need to make a perfect solution with our Alukaflex® aluminum power cable.

To make a long-lasting cable solution you need the right products. On this page you will find some of our most sold crimping tools. We only sell high quality products that’s why we partnered up with German Intercable (former Weitkowitz). They provide us with a wide range of battery-powered hydraulic tools, hand-operated hydraulic tools and dies in different shapes. If you need a tool you don’t see on this page, please contact us and we will find it for you.

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Crimping Tools

We have a selection of crimping tools from Intercable (former Weitkowitz) for crimping of cable lugs, connectors and compression bolts (pin bolts), including connecting on Alukaflex our flexible aluminium cable.

Battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool

APW 18

Battery operated hydraulic crimping tool for crimping cable lugs and connectors up to 1000 mm².
Supplied without crimping dies.

Crimping tool APW18 cable tool from Weitkowitz. APW18 kabelværktøj fra Weitkowitz
Battery-powered hydraulic crimping tool

APW 30

Battery-operated hydraulic akku tool for crimping of lugs and connectors. Supplied without crimping dies.
Compatible with: Hexagonal (hexagon crimping die) Die: Cu 25-300 mm2 AL 16-300 mmC8 Die: AL 10-150 mm2

APW30 compression and crimping tool
Hydraulic crimping head

HPW 17

HPW 17, hydraulic crimping head, 80 kN press capacity, up to 400 mm² pressure range.

HPW17 compression head for you crimping tool
Hand-operated hydraulic crimping tool

HHW 30

Hand-operated hydraulic crimpint tool for crimping of cable lugs and connectors up to 400 mm2.

HHW30 hand operated compression and crimping tool

Crimping Dies

Here you will find a selection of the crimping dies for the Intercable (former Weitkowitz) tools ment for connection of cable lugs, connectors and compression bolts, including connections on Alukaflex our flexible aluminium cable.

Crimping Dies


C8 is specially developed for use with flexible aluminium cables such as our Alukaflex, with kl.5 conductor. The extremely intense pressing breaks the oxideringen on each individual conductor, with a result that gives good electrical properties and a high resistance to pull.

C8 compression dies
Crimping Dies


For crimping of copper lugs DIN 46 235. Copper pressure connects your 46 267 Part 1 and
aluminium and bi-metal lugs and presforbindere.

Hexagon compression dies
Crimping Dies


Round-shaped crimping dies, for round shaping of sector formed conductors.

Round-shaped crimping dies

Find the right combination

Cables, connectors, and tools

It is a jungle to figure out which connectorization tool, die, connector or cable lug to use on your cable. A connector allows you to get power from the distribution board and out through the cables. To terminate your connector to your cable you need a tool with the correct die. To help you choose the right combination for your cable dimension we have made a matrix chart where it´s easy to determine which tool, die and connector work together. The Matrix show Alukaflex aluminum cables and HFAL-S and HFAL-M installation cables.

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