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Alukaflex PV

For your solar projects

Alukaflex PV is a photo-voltaic cable in flexible aluminum which is sturdy and robust. It is suitable for most types of solar projects. Whether you have a project on the roof of a building or in a field, Alukaflex PV is an excellent choice. The cable connects the solar panels to the inverter and has an exceptional resistance to sun and weather, as well as extreme temperatures.

To make the installation easier, Alukaflex PV is available in red and black. This makes it easier to see which cable to use and ensure correct polarization. The single-core aluminum conductor is offered in cross sections from 4 to 35 mm² in the maximum voltage of 1,5 kV DC.

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Standard: EN 50618
Lower weight compared to similar copper cables
Excellent flexibility
Flame retardant
ROHS compliant

High quality material properties

  • Halogen free
  • Flame retardant
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Abrasion and crack resistant

Typical application areas

Alukaflex PV is suitable for all types of solar projects. Examples include solar parks on the ground, on industrial buildings and more.

  • Solar parks on ground
  • Solar panels on industrial- or office buildings
  • Solar panels on residential buildings
  • Solar panels on roofs of charging stations
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