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Plus Pack builds a new warehouse with recyclable materials and solar energy

Plus Pack in Odense is manufacturing food packaging based on circular principles. Their products are used in retail, food service, horeca and food industry where there is a big focus on reducing waist. But the idea of making a difference is not new at Plus Pack. It has been a part of their motto since 1914.

Plus Pack work for a more sustainable world by focusing on responsible production and recycling. This means that they aim to keep materials and products in circuit for as long as possible by making their products highly recyclable. Therefore, it was also natural for them to take their everyday principles into the building process by recycling materials from the old building in the new warehouse.

Part of the plan for Plus Pack´s new warehouse was to install solar panels on the roof of the building, and Bravida was tasked with the job. DanCables has delivered Alukaflex ECO, which is a flexible class 5 installation cable, in aluminum, to Solar, which could thus support Bravida’s need for a flexible cable.

From Solar, Bravida received 600 meters of Alukaflex ECO 5G50 mm² and 600 meters of Alukaflex 5G95 mm² to connect the inverter and the power distribution box. The solar panels will be producing 1.300 kW when it´s up and running which is approx. 30% of Plus Pack´s electricity consumption.

Easy to work with

Service Manager Emil Lind says: The Plus Pack project has been interesting, and we hope to see more projects like this where companies try to be more self-sufficient regarding their electricity. The Alukaflex ECO cables was very easy to work with and rout in the cable trays, at the same time they easy to strip for mounting in the inverter and power distribution box. Being a class 5 installation cable we were surprised how bendable Alukaflex ECO was.

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