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DanCables powered the DGI national convention in Svendborg

From June 30. to July 3. DGI held their national convention in Svendborg. It turned into 4 days in the spirit of sport. Sports during the day, parties, and concerts in the evening. In total, there were 20,743 national convention participants over the four days, where e.g., Carpark North also played.

Risbjerg Installation & Service A/S was tasked with establishing electricity in the camping area prior to the national convention. The task was solved with 1500 meters of Alukaflex ECO 5G95mm² installation cable, which was delivered through Lemvigh-Müller. The installation cable was buried in the ground, and distributed from 4 large generators to 12 switchboards, where caravans and other campers could draw power from. Superintendent Claus Bo Jensen and electrician Benjamin Hansen from Risbjerg Installation & Service A/S say, “It has been a great experience working with Alukaflex ECO. It was easy to strip the cables, and it was more flexible than we had expected. Therefore, it was quite easy to bend the conductors so they could be installed”.

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