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Bend the flexible Alukaflex ECO installation cable at the EL & TEKNIK exhibition in Odense

At DanCables stand A1103, at the EL & TEKNIK exhibition, you will be able to experience something of a rarity. Here you can experience how flexible Alukaflex ECO is. Alukaflex ECO is a flexible aluminum cable, with class 5 aluminum conductor, for fixed installation. The bending radius is 6X D, which offers great advantages when you plan cabling in e.g., new construction. Due to the flexible aluminum conductor, the cable is easy to work with and mount in power distribution boxes etc. This is a major improvement over the traditional Class 2 copper installation cables.

Additional benefits of Alukaflex ECO

  • CPR fire class: Dca
  • LSZH – low smoke zero halogen
  • Lower price than matching copper cables
  • Weight reduction of up to 48% compared to matching copper cables
  • Can be terminated with both Weitkowitz and Dorn press
  • The cable is in stock

ECO = economic

ECO is an abbreviation of economic. And with Alukaflex ECO, you certainly get a more economical and flexible 1kV installation cable. Aluminum is significantly cheaper than copper on the world’s metal exchanges, which has an impact on the overall price of the finished cable. At the same time, the lighter aluminum cable can also save the company a lot of heavy lifting. There are therefore several reasons why it is a good idea to switch to Alukaflex ECO installation cables.

Included in Cabledim from PC|SCHMATIC

Alukaflex ECO is part of Cabledim from PC | SCHEMATIC. This makes it easy to use the right cable to dimension your installation. The dimensioning is performed easily, efficiently, and safely in Cabledim. In addition, the installation method and ambient temperature are considered, as well as performing short-circuit and voltage drop calculations for all cables in the installation.

The entire DanCables cable range is now included in Cabledim, which we are very happy about.

Mød DanCables på EL & TEKNIK messen i Odense
Alukaflex ECO er med i Cabledim fra PCSCHEMATICS

Other products at the EL & TEKNIK exhibition

In addition to Alukaflex ECO, you will also be able to experience

  • Alukaflex aluminum cable, and feel how flexible and light it is
  • The unique Alukaflex Connect solution that includes Powersafe connectors
  • Alukaflex Midnight cable set with black connectors and black PUR
  • Alukaflex Charge, which is perfect for establishing electric charging stations
  • 66 kV flexible copper cable for use in wind turbines and the like
  • Stackbox – our power distribution box which you can design yourself
  • And much more

Contact us

If you cannot wait until the EL & TEKNIK exhibition and would like to know more about our cable solutions, you are welcome to contact us through the website or by phone +45 44 22 30 80.

The EL & TEKNIK exhibition will start on May 3. 2022 in Odense Congress Center and run until May 5. Visit their website here.