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All you need in a power distribution box

Customize your Stackbox power distribution box as you want,

and gain the ultimate flexibility …

DanCables´ Stackbox is a unique concept within power distribution. Stackbox are units made of impact-resistant plastic with rubber properties (Polyethylene), making them extremely solid. The series of power distribution boxes can be built in several sizes, with different accessories, and sold under the name Stackbox. You can thus tailor your power distribution solution exactly as you want, by combining the different Stackbox units.

Stackbox is especially useful in places where temporary power is needed. Here, the many qualities of the Stackbox come into their own, as the units are easy to stack, lightweight, and easy to transport thanks to the convenient handles located on the sides of the devices. The available range makes it possible to implement complex configurations without any problems.

Combine Stackbox with our flexible Alukaflex aluminum cable, and you have a professional and flexible solution for places where there is a need of temporary power distribution e.g., festivals, events, construction, industry, and defense missions.

Compact and Stackable
Impact-Solid material
Complies with European standard
Customize Your own solution
Optional Trolley
According to EN IEC 61439
Stackbox power distribution box
Compact and Stackable...

Thats Stackbox

The Stackbox is extremely compact and available in different sizes. This provides a very flexible solution. Stackbox is available in Small, Medium, Large and our Event configuration, which is all black, our Stackbox covers most needs. You can tailor your solution to suit your needs. As an extra feature, Stackbox has recessed connections and disconnections that reduce damage during use and transport. Combine Stackbox with our Alukaflex aluminum cables, and you have the perfect solution.

Typical application areas...

For Stackbox

Stackbox is ideal for places where temporary power is needed, such as for construction, industry, shipping, festivals, events and defense tasks.

Do you need cables for your next event?

Alukaflex Midnight is developed specifically for the event industry.