All you need in a power distribution box

Customize your Stackbox power distribution box as you want,

and gain the ultimate flexibility …

DanCables is introducing Stackbox – a our new concept within power distribution boxes because you can customize it as you want. Made of impact-resistant plastic with rubber properties, makes Stackbox extremely compact. Stackbox is available in several sizes, with different accessories, and can be combined and stacked according to requirements. You can customize your power distribution solution just as you want by combining the different Stackbox components. Furthermore, if a location requires a fewer connection points or a lower amperage, you can disconnect the Stackbox components and use them separately. On the other hand, if you want to use more power, you easily connect several Stackbox components by using an extension cable. This provides a highly flexible solution. The various components of the Stackbox can be locked mechanically by means of the fixed hinges, which also can be provided with locking pins or padlock.

The optional foot makes the Stackbox easy to use. With it, the box is also suitable for outdoor use (complies with European standards) on e.g. construction sites and demolition sites. It is also possible to anchor the foot, so that the Stackbox is very suitable for, among other things, connection stations with a fixed connection such as e.g. port gates, scaffolding and on floors, where it is at risk of over-turning. Combine the Stackbox with our flexible aluminum Alukaflex ® cables and you have a serious flexible solution for places where temporary power is needed, such as festivals, events, construction, industry & defense tasks.

Compact and Stackable
Impact-Solid material
Complies with European standard
Can be fitted with padlock
Customize Your own solution
Optional Foot
Design you own power distribution box with the Stackbox solution from DanCables.
Compact and Stackable...

Thats Stackbox

The Stackbox is extremely compact and comes in various sizes that can be stacked on top of each other as needed. This provides a highly flexible solution.By default, the Stackbox is available in Small, Medium, Large and Event configurations that cover most needs. Alternatively, you can customize your solution to fit your exact needs. As an extra feature Stackbox has recessed in and out connectors that reduce damage during use and transport. Combine Stackbox with our Alukaflex aluminium cables or copper cables and you have the perfect solution.



In the slider you can see the Stackbox standard configurations. But its possible to design it so it fits your every need. Stackbox is available in the colours white and black, and you can add a foot or wheels if you like.

Typical application areas...

For Stackbox

Stackbox is ideal for places where temporary power is needed, such as for construction, industry, shipping, festivals, events and defense tasks.

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