Diagnostic plug

If you have ever damaged expensive and sensitive equipment due to a faulty wiring in the electrical installation.

The diagnostic plug is used for testing your CEE outlet, before connecting sensitive and expensive equipment making sure the electrical wiring is done correctly. The bright and easy to read LED display gives you quick information about Rotation of the phases and working Neutral and PE. The product comes in 2 different sizes, for 16A and 32A, but can also be delivered with an 63A adapter set.

NB!: This product is not intended for permanent installation.

Tests: Phase sequence
Tests: Missing phase conductor
Tests: Missing neutral conductor
Tests: Missing earth conductor
Saves you money and grief
Diagnose your CEE installation fast and easy
It starts with testing

with a diagnostic plug

CEE test plug with display and diagnostic function. It is a practical help in controlling the power supply. The Test plug is plugged into a wall outlet or intermediary before connecting equipment or cable. Status is displayed on LED display.NB: Do not use for permanent installation. Available as 16A or 32A.

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Diagnostic plug
Diagnostic plug adapter full
Diagnostic Plug


As a diagnostic plug-in, a adapter kit is available to use 32A diagnostic plugs on a 64A CEE outlet.

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