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Alukaflex AD8

For projects in water

To meet the demands from a growing market within solar projects DanCables have designed Alukaflex AD8. A flexible aluminum cable  which can be submerged in water. Solar parks take up a lot of space and often meet a lot of resistance from surrounding neighbors. Therefore, it can be an advantage to place dem on water where it’s possible. Alukaflex AD8 allowed presence of water is 150 meters so it’s a very versatile cable. Another advantage with floating solar panels is the presence of water. It exerts a cooling effect, which improves the performance of the panels by 5-10%.

Alukaflex AD8 is perfect for a lot of different projects where water can be present. The conductor is made of flexible high-quality aluminum. It has an excellent bending radius when fixed installed so it’s easy to handle and work with.

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Allowed presence of water: 150 m
Lower price compared with similar copper cables
Weight reduction of up to 40% compared to copper cables
Highly flexible improves usability
Flame retardant

Aluminum Conductor

Alukaflex AD8´s aluminum conductor is made of highly flexible, fine stranded aluminum. The cable is manufactured principally like IEC 60228 class 5.

Download datasheet for 1-core

Rubber Sheath

Alukaflex AD8´s outer sheath is made with black, oil resistant, CPE-rubber equivalent to EN 50363-2-1. The lightweight, heavy-duty sheath is marked with a white stripe.

Download datasheet for 4 and 5-core

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Typical application areas

Our Alukaflex AD8 cable is suitable for floating solar applications or general installations under water.

  • Floating solar parks
  • Fish farms
  • Water supply
  • Industrial sewage treatment plants

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