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Energy storage? Here is the green way to do it…

We are moving away from fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas at a rapid pace. This means that more renewable energy is needed to fill the void. Solar, wind, or ocean energy are all renewable energy forms that can easily exceed present human energy requirements. Energy storage fits in perfectly with renewable energy. At DanCables, we have partnered with PowerX which is manufacturing sodium batteries for energy storage. The batteries are designed for optimal sustainability since they are based on sodium/salt technology (NiNaCi), which is a natural raw material and easy to get hold of compared to lithium and cobalt. In this article you will learn more about energy storage and sodium batteries. Hopefully it will help you to reflect upon new ways to think about electricity and green energy.

Sodium batteries and their benefits

Our battery systems for energy storage can be used as stand-alone systems or used in combination with generators (any types) or renewables, to provide a hybrid power storage and generation solution for a wide range of applications. They are designed in sturdy containers which are even easy to transport. When you combine a diesel generator with a battery you use less diesel and have lower CO² emissions, as you run your generator at the optimal level when charging the battery.

With sodium batteries for energy storage, you can be sure you get a safe solution that does not harm the environment. They contain no flammable material and there is no risk of gas emissions. The battery system also leaves no risk of thermal runaway. Their safety has been proven by 20 years of operation. In addition, the sodium batteries emit no CO² and is 100% recyclable.

Key features for the sodium battery energy storage system

  • Grid following
  • Grid forming
  • Black start
  • Peak shaving
  • Spin reserve
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Application areas for energy storage

Energy storage is for anyone who generate power of their own or use a diesel generator. If you are an industrial company, supermarket chain or a factory who want a greener energy source you can (in many cases) utilize your roof and apply solar panels. When you add a sodium battery solution, you can be self-sufficient in terms of electricity and store the energy you don’t use right away for later. You can even charge the battery from grid when green energy is available for reasonable prices. This way you maximize your renewable energy solution with green energy storage. It can also be used in residential areas which demands a more self-sufficient power source in combination with solar panels e.g., for charging electrical vehicles.

Our sodium battery systems can be used in combination with generator sets to create a hybrid power source for micro-grids, construction sites or concerts. Here the key benefits are fuel saving, load management and smart energy consumption, cost-cutting, resilience, resource-saving, environmental efficiency, and many others. With the battery energy storage, you also benefit from peak shaving. This means that you add more power from the battery when you use max capacity from the grid. You can therefor rest easy knowing that you won’t overload your grid connection.

Application areas could be:

  • Construction sites
  • Micro-grids
  • Residential areas
  • Industrial plants
  • Sun- and wind parks
  • Events
  • Concerts and festivals

Why use sodium batteries for energy storage?

So, why should you use sodium batteries? You should do it to make your power solution greener. There are other battery solutions on the market, but they are usually containing lithium and cobalt. This material is hard to come by and have a negative impact on our environment. Our sodium batteries have a long lifespan and zero degradation when not used. They are also theft deterrent since you can’t re-use them in new applications. Furthermore, they are 100% recyclable, have no flammable or pollution materials.

So, whether you use the sodium battery alone, with renewable energy sources or in combination with a generator, your storage solution will leave no negative impact on the climate.

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Energy storage and sodium batteries go hand in hand. If you have been inspired by this article and have questions regarding the possibilities for your project, then give us a call. You can find all our contact information detail on our contact page. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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