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Solar cells for climate-friendly biogas plant

Solar cells are a popular source of energy. 24 kilometers west of Herning is Videbæk. Nature Energy has a biogas plant here. The plant receives manure from livestock from the area’s farmers and converts it into biogas. With manure, the plant produces 27.5 million cubic meters of biogas annually. This corresponds to the heat consumption in more than 10,000 homes. The climate-friendly energy benefits the country’s green transition, and the biomass that farmers get back is green manure, which is a benefit for themselves and the environment. The biogas also helps to strengthen the security of supply with CO² neutral energy, which is becoming more and more important. To make the biogas plant even more energy-friendly, a 1.7-hectare solar cell plant has now been built. With the solar cell plant, Nature Energy Videbæk will cover approximately 10% of their consumption, with sustainable electricity.

DanCables supplies the cables

Through Solar Nordic, DanCables has supplied the cables for the 1 MW solar cell plant. They needed 17,000 meters of PEX-AL 8×25 mm² 0.6 / 1KV AC 1.5KV utility cable to bring the power from the solar plant and into the Nature Energy Videbæk plant. In addition, 500 meters of Alukaflex 07BN4-AF 1×300 mm² have been used for supply between two distribution cabinets.

“It has been a really exciting project to follow on the sidelines,” says Jens Hvirgel, sales manager at DanCables. “It shows that we in Denmark have some visionary companies that go all-in on the green transition. I believe that more companies will think thoughts like that, and thus get a green subsidy for their consumption or become completely self-sufficient in electricity.”

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