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Flexible installation, high CPR fire class and good price? – you get it with the new Alukaflex ECO installation cable for fixed installation

Flexible installation, high CPR fire class and financial benefits are in focus with the introduction of DanCables´ Alukaflex ECO installation cable. Alukaflex ECO RZ1-AK 1kV is a very flexible installation cable in aluminum designed for fixed installation. The cable can be used both indoors and outdoors as well as buried in the ground. Dan Larsen, CEO of DanCables, says, “I have wanted to challenge the classic Class 1 and 2 installation cables in aluminum and Class 5 in copper for a long time. With the design of Alukaflex ECO, I think we have found a really good alternative in aluminum. The aluminum conductor provides an extremely flexible installation and a significant price reduction, which I see as huge benefits for the construction industry”.

ECO = economic

ECO is an abbreviation of economic. And with Alukaflex ECO, you certainly get a more economical and flexible 1kV installation cable. Aluminum is significantly cheaper than copper on the world’s metal exchanges, which has an impact on the overall price of the finished cable. At the same time, the lighter aluminum cable can also save the company a lot of heavy lifting. There are therefore several reasons why it is a good idea to switch to Alukaflex ECO installation cables.

Alukaflex ECO all conductors, alle ledere. For flexible installation. Til fleksibel installation.

Flexible installation and other benefits

In addition to the flexibility, the cable also provides a weight reduction of up to 48% compared to the traditional class 1 and 2 installation cables in copper. Alukaflex ECO is particularly suitable in places where a more flexible cable is needed, as the cable has a flexible conductor. Alukaflex ECO can also be used where there is a requirement for high fire safety such as data centers, hospitals, and other public buildings. Product Manager Morten Sørensen explains “The flexible aluminum conductor in Alukaflex ECO makes the cable very flexible, which is really practical when planning cable routing in new construction. The flexible installation and low weight are at the same time an advantage for the performing electrical installer. That, and the CPR Dca fire class we expect will give good and positive reaction from the market. The outer sheath is also made of high-quality polyolefin, which produces low smoke, zero halogen and does not form hydrochloric acid (LSZH) when exposed to high temperatures or fire. That is why Alukaflex ECO is also extremely suitable for construction, where safety is paramount”.

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