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Transforming Energy Solutions

In a groundbreaking initiative, Andel A/S and Nature Energy have completed one of the world’s first commercially based Power-to-Gas plants in Glansager, Als that uses biological methanation. This innovative project, featuring the collaboration of industry experts and a substantial investment of 100 million DKK, marks a significant milestone in the green transition journey.


The project ambitiously aimed to enhance biogas production through electrolysis and biological methanation, the need for a cost-effective yet flexible cabling solution was paramount.

To address this challenge, DanCables delivered our, highly flexible Alukaflex ECO aluminum installation cables, alongside the necessary connecting material and tools to Andel and Vestjyske Net Service A/S. Alukaflex ECO proved to be a highly effective alternative to traditional cable solutions.


The cables’ high flexibility and durability ensured a very fast and long-lasting installation. In addition, the working environment was significantly improved due to the flexibility and light weight. The innovative cables were crucial to the success of the Power-to-Gas project.

incredibly nice and easy to work with

The benefit was evident. Employees from Vestjyske Net Service A/S praised the ease and efficiency of working with Alukaflex ECO cables. As one technician noted, “Alukaflex ECO cables have been incredibly nice and easy to work with. It was very easy to neatly lay them on the cable ladders and install them in the panels.” This resulted in a significantly quicker and smoother installation process, streamlining the work of installing the cables.

Alukaflex ECO at a glance

Alukaflex ECO is a very flexible 1 kV installation cable in aluminum designed for fixed installation. The flexible aluminum conductor provides a weight reduction of up to 48% compared to traditional Class 1 and 2 copper installation cables. The cable has a bending radius of 6X D and CPR fire class is Dca in cross sections from 50 – 500 mm².

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This project is not just a testament to innovative technology but also to collaborative success. If you are inspired by this green transition and wish to explore how Alukaflex ECO can enhance your projects should it be Power-to-X or EV charging infrastructure or other renewable projects, we invite you to:

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