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Alukaflex Connect is an innovative connection solution,

for the most powerful and safest aluminium power distribution.

Alukaflex Connect is a revolutionary power connection solution for power distribution up to 565 amps. The concept pairs Alukaflex® aluminium cables with bimetal connectors, allowing users to safely connect to copper circuits and equipment. Alukaflex Connect replaces copper leads, as it affords the user all the same benefits with huge cost savings.

Alukaflex Connect is the most powerful and safest aluminium power solution available. Users benefit from the high current transfer of single pole connectors and the low weight of the flexible aluminium cable. The concept offers clear advantages over traditional copper solutions with a weight reduction of up to 40% and a significantly lower price. Alukaflex Connect is incredibly reliable and fully tested at an independent third-party test centre for maximum load.

Aluminum is cheaper and less fluctuating in price than copper.

When comparing the commodity price of aluminum with copper, although the copper price fell on the world’s metal stock exchanges in 2018, it is still significantly higher than on aluminum. This affects the purchase prices of cable manufacturers, which ultimately translates into fluctuating prices on the final cable. The Aluminum cables are more stable in prices, so it can bring significant savings in the purchase of the finished aluminum cables.

Alukaflex® is up to 40% lighter than copper cables.

The cables used for the Alukaflex® Connect concept are our own Alukaflex® cables. As The name suggests, they are made of aluminum, which is a silver-white metal that is very lightweight and used in e.g. Aircraft, cars and food packaging. When compared to similar copper cables, Alukaflex® is up to 40% lighter, providing benefits in terms of easier handling and cheaper transport price.

Alukaflex® powers at over 565 amps.

The combination of Alukaflex cables and Powersafe bi-metal connectors makes it possible to run a high current application (up to 565 A)

Long term testing on the solution.

An independent third-party test center is testing ALUKAFLEX CONNECT in a long-term test that extends over 3500 + 500 hours of use of the product. The short-term test confirm that we can fully load cables and plugs without overheating. Read more about the test here.

Innovative locking system won’t disconnect during load.

A well tested connector technology that is manufactured using high quality materials. The powerlock secondary locking mechanism makes sure a live load is not disconnected.

Compatible with all powerlock connectors worldwide.

Connectors are available with harmonised colour coding on the insulator to match the regional wiring colour codes of the world.

Significantly Cheaper Than Copper
Incredibly Lightweight Increasing Productivity
Long term tested solution
Safest Low Voltage Connections
Compatible for  worldwide application
High Current Conductivity
It starts with a power cable...

Alukaflex® Cable

Alukaflex® is an aluminum power cable that is manufactured with cutting-edge technological advances that enables superior performance. The aluminum conductor is highly flexible, fine stranded aluminum and the cable is manufactured according to Class 5 IEC 60228 and DIN VDE 0295. As the power industry’s premier choice of flexible rubber aluminium leads, Alukaflex® can act as a perfect replacement for copper cables such as H07RN-F.

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Aluminium Cables. Cable Drum for Alukaflex electrical power leads.
Aluminium Cables. Powerlock Connectors Powersafe for Alukaflex electrical power leads.
It ends with a power connector...

Bimetal Connectors

Alukaflex Connect allows for power distribution up to 565 amps. The concept pairs Alukaflex® aluminium cables with Powersafe bimetal single pole connectors for single phase or three phase electrical supply. Powersafe bimetal connectors replace the use of lugs as they allow for a safe connection. The industrial plug’s powerlock mating system is mechanically keyed and locked, meaning power cables cannot be mis-mated or disconnected accidentally under load. In addition, each electrical phase is easily identifiable regionally colour harmonised insulators on the plugs, therefore Alukaflex Connect can be used anywhere in the world.

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Robust outer sheath and cold flexible

Alukaflex Connect PUR

Some projects require a more durable cable e.g. because of environmental conditions. Alukaflex Connect PUR is the solution for that. The Alukaflex PUR aluminum cable consist of highly flexible, fine-threaded aluminum conductors with a black first-class outer sheath that is easy to handle. The sheath is halogen free and ozone, UV and oil resistant. The maximum temperature at the conductor is +90°C and it is cold flexible down to -40°C which make Alukaflex Connect PUR a very versatile product, suitable for all kinds of projects.

Alukaflex Connect PUR
Alukaflex Connect Current Rating (at 30°C to IEC 60364-5-52)
Cable Cross Section Touching Installation Trefoil Installation Spaced Installation
70 mm² 215 A 206 A 271 A
95 mm² 264 A 253 A 332 A
120 mm² 308 A 296 A 387 A
150 mm² 358 A 343 A 448 A
185 mm² 413 A 395 A 515 A
240 mm² 492 A 471 A 565 A