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for connectorization

We have different types of power connectors for connecting our cables, like cable lugs, compression bolts and compression connectors. Have a look and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about connectorization.

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Quality products for connectorization,

to ensure superior performance from your aluminium or copper cables.

DanCables stock a variety of high-quality power connectors, from our partner Intercable (former Weitkowitz), to create a successful and superior connectorization of your aluminum or copper cables. Wether you need compression bolts, connectors, bi-metal connectors, lugs or crimping tools we can advice you how to get the best solution for a long lasting result.

Please only use certified cable lugs, pin bolt, press connectors for flexible aluminum conductors as our Alukaflex cables. They should apply to class 5 standards. When using cable lugs and pin bolts for Alukaflex aluminum cables please remember to use a size higher than the dimension of the cable.

Best Raw Materials
High Quality Conductivity
Bi-Metal Compression and Connecting
Compression for Flexible and Standard Aluminium Cables
Compression for Copper Cables
Dependable Durability and Reliability

Want to know how to connectorize your cable?

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Cable Lugs

Cable lugs are used for connecting cables to electrical appliances and other cables. Works with both aluminum and copper.

Cable Lugs

AL Cable Lugs

Compression cable lug in aluminium, tinned and filled with contact pasta. Can be used for aluminium cable directly on copper material.

AL cable lugs from Weitkowitz. AL kabelsko fra Weitkowitz.

Compression Bolts

Compression bolts are used for connecting cables into a screw terminal, this makes it possible to connect a flexible aluminum cable in a screw terminal designed for copper cables.

Compression Bolt

Al/Cu compression bolt

Bi-Metal compression bolt that can be used for connecting an aluminium cable in connections intended for copper equipment.

AL-Cu compression bolt. AL-Cu pindbolt.
Compression Bolt

AL compression bolt

Compression bolt in aluminium, nickel plated and then tinned. Provides a lighter, stronger and less expensive compression bolt than the equivalent in Bi-Metal. Can also be used with aluminum cable in connections intended for copper equipment.

AL compression bolt from Weitkowitz. AL pindbolt fra Weitkowitz.

Compression Connectors

Compression Connectors are used for connecting two cables. We have connectors used for connecting copper and aluminum cables together and for connection two aluminum cables.

Compression Connector

Al/Cu compression connector

Bi-Metal pressure connecting that can assemble a copper cable and an aluminum cable.

Bi-metal pressure connecting
Compression Connector

Al Compression connector

Compression connector in aluminium. Can be used for assembling two aluminium cables.

AL compression connector. AL presforbinder.

Find the right combination

Cables, connectors, and tools

It is a jungle to figure out which connectorization tool, die, connector or cable lug to use on your cable. A connector allows you to get power from the distribution board and out through the cables. To terminate your connector to your cable you need a tool with the correct die. To help you choose the right combination for your cable dimension we have made a matrix chart where it´s easy to determine which tool, die and connector work together. The Matrix show Alukaflex aluminum cables and HFAL-S and HFAL-M installation cables.

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