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Find the right connector for your cable

Have you ever thought “That connector doesn’t fit my cable!”? then you’re not alone. There are a lot of options to choose from, and which one you should use depends on which cable you have and what you need it for. We will try to provide some of the answers in this article and help you find the right connector for your cable.

There are different standards for materials used in connection products, e.g. EN 13600. This article does not go into depth with these standards but provides an overview of chosen options with the different types of cables.

What are connectors and what are they used for?

When talking about connectors for cables, it is important to distinguish whether they should be used for aluminum or copper cables. It is very important that you know what to connect, because otherwise you cannot choose the right connector.

A connector allows you to get power from the distribution board and out through the cables. Without a connector, you will not be able to plug the cable into the board and establish power for your installation.

What types of connectors are there?

As mentioned earlier, the choice of connector depends on which cable you have and what you need it for. Below are some examples of different types of connectors and a little explanation of what they are used for. That way it’s easy to find the one that fits your next project.

Opportunities with aluminum cables

Please note that there is a difference in the composition of the connector material depending on the cable it is used for:

  • Flexible aluminum cables
  • Fine stranded / solid aluminum cables
  • Flexible copper cables

Most often, flexible aluminum cables must be pressed several times rather than fine stranded / solid aluminum cables as well as flexible copper cables. It determents the length of the pressing surface available on the connector.

AL-Cable lugs
Cable lugs are used to connect cables to a terminal e.g. with a machine screw or a nut on a threaded pin. Since our cable lugs are tinned, it can be used for connection to both copper and aluminum components.

AL-Compression Bolts
Compression bolts are used to connect a cable to a screw terminal or directly to appliances. Our compression bolts are made of tinned aluminum, which provides a lighter, stronger and cheaper compression bolt than the equivalent in bimetal. Can be used with aluminum cable in connections designed for copper material.

AL-Compression Connector
Compression Connectors are used to connect two cables. Can be used to connect two aluminum cables.

Cable lug crimped on a Alukaflex aluminum cable
Al/Cu compression bolt crimped on a Alukaflex aluminium cable

Copper cable options

Cu-Cable lugs
Cu-cable lugs is used to connect cables to a terminal e.g. with a machine screw or a nut on a threaded pin.

Bimetal Compression Connector
Bimetal compression connectors are used for connecting two cables. Can be used to connect copper and aluminum cables together. Also available as copper, to connect two copper cables.

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Powersafe (Powerlock)

This connector is known by a lot of different names and many call this connector for Powerlock. It was originally created at ITT Cannon many years ago and there are now a lot of manufacturers offering a compatible product. The Powersafe connector, from Phase 3 Connectors, is a connector for single-conductor cables. The house is made of durable plastic with a rubber grip. It is used for high current applications where it is necessary to quickly and safely connect and disconnect, for example on mobile generators. In addition, the connectors are mechanically coded to avoid malfunctions.

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PowerSafe Connectors from Phase 3 Connectors

Tools that work

Whether you like battery operated or hand operated hydraulic tools is up to you, but it is always a good idea to choose a tool of high quality. A tool with reliable durability and of sturdy materials that can withstand being used and perhaps even left at the bottom of a van. The tool assists in effective pressing of the connector to ensure a safe transition from cable to connector.

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APW30 cable tool from Weitkowitz

What does DanCables recommend?

It’s no secret that our focus at DanCables is flexible aluminum cables. They offer many advantages when compared to copper cables, without compromising on quality and performance. They are extremely flexible and easy to handle, are up to 40% lighter in weight and cost less. That is why we also recommend switching to aluminum.

When it comes to connectors, we recommend cable lugs and compression bolts from Intercable (former Weitkowitz) and Powersafe (Powerlock) bi-metal connectors from Phase 3 Connectors. They have been tested over a long period of time, so we know they work.

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If you are still unsure which connector to choose or whether you have time connectorize the cables yourself, let us help you find the right connector for your cable. Contact us via the contact form here on the website or by phone +45 44 22 30 80.