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First third-party tested bi-metal connector solution for aluminum cables

DanCables introduces Alukaflex Connect which is a revolutionary power connection solution for power distribution up to 565 amps. The concept pairs Alukaflex® aluminum cables with Powersafe powerlock compatible bi-metal connectors from Phase 3 Connectors, allowing users to safely connect to copper circuits and equipment. Alukaflex Connect replaces copper leads, as it affords the user all the same benefits with huge cost savings.

Dan Larsen, owner of DanCables, says “It is a great pleasure for us to introduce Alukaflex Connect to the UK market. We have received several serious inquiries and look forward to delivering the first orders”.

Alukaflex Connect is the most powerful and safest aluminum power solution available. Users benefit from the high current transfer of single pole connectors and the low weight of the flexible aluminum cable. The concept offers clear advantages over traditional copper solutions with a weight reduction of up to 40% and a significantly lower price. Alukaflex Connect is incredibly reliable and fully tested at an independent third-party test center for maximum load.

Impressive benefits when using Alukaflex Connect

Alukaflex Connect gives several advantages. Since the solution is based on Alukaflex aluminum cables you get a significantly lower price per cable when compared with copper cables. Aluminum is cheaper and less fluctuating in price than copper. When it comes to weight you can gain up to a 40% decrease due to the lower weight of aluminum. The connectors are compatible with all Powerlock compatible connectors worldwide, and available with harmonized colour coding on the insulator to match the regional wiring colour codes of the world. The solution is developed with an innovative locking system that cannot be disconnected without tools and is mechanically keyed to prevent mating errors.

Weight advantages

When comparing the weight of aluminum cables to copper cables the advantages is clear. With Alukaflex Connect you will get twice the length of cable in aluminum at the same weight.

See examples.

Weight comparison Alukaflex Connect and ordinary copper cables

Reliable aluminum cables

Alukaflex® is an aluminum power cable that is manufactured with cutting-edge technological advances that enables superior performance. The aluminum conductor is highly flexible, fine stranded aluminum and the cable is manufactured according to Class 5 IEC 60228 and DIN VDE 0295. As the power industry’s premier choice of flexible rubber aluminum leads, Alukaflex® can act as a perfect replacement for copper cables such as H07RN-F. As an extra advantage the Alukaflex ® rubber cable is DEKRA certified.

Thoroughly tested concept

To ensure a top performance solution DanCables have asked a recognized third-party testing center to test Alukaflex Connect. This test center has extensive experience with electrical connections and aluminum cables. This expertise gives the assurance that the test is impartial and very thorough which mean customers can rely on the result.

As a start, a qualifying short-term test of Alukaflex Connect (two connectors connected and connected to Alukaflex® cables) was conducted. The results showed that you can load the cables high without causing overheating in the plug. After that a long-term test was set up to ensure that the system can handle long-term operation. They connect two connectors together and connect them to Alukaflex® cables as before, but now they test at full load for 3500 hours. This was done to test whether the plug can cope with this load for a long time, and whether the crimping system can handle this load. Three different systems for crimping was tested to find the best one for Alukaflex Connect.

The result of the long-term test is impressive Dan Larsen says and continues “We were of course convinced that the quality of the Alukaflex aluminum cables and the connectors were high, but its still impressive to see it run for 3500 hours straight without failing and overheating. We have great expectations for this solution and can see a lot of application areas where it can be valuable, outdoor concerts, events mobile generators and industry to name a few”.

Alukaflex Connect is available in cable cross sections from 70 mm² to 240 mm² in individual lengths.