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prolight+sound in Frankfurt

Quality cables for the event industry is what DanCables delivers. That´s why DanCables was at the big event and entertainment fair “prolight + sound” in Frankfurt in week 14, for the first time. The fair is the most important international meeting place for technology, audio and services aimed at the event industry, and therefore the right place to present our new products Alukaflex Connect and Alukaflex Midnight.

New and exciting products

Alukaflex Connect is an innovative concept consisting of the flexible Alukaflex® aluminum cable and Powersafe Bi-Metal connectors. The concept benefits from the high current value of the 1-pole connectors and the low weight of the flexible aluminum cable, so we create a safe and powerful system.

Alukaflex Midnight is a new product range developed specifically for the event and entertainment industry. The series of cable sets is developed in completely black materials, both cables and connectors, so nothing is visible, and therefore easily hidden in the stage structure. By choosing the black Midnight series, you also achieve all the benefits from our unique and flexible Alukaflex® products, which means lower purchase prices and up to 40% lower weight which will make work much easier for the backstage crew when setting up for a show.

So quite naturally we spoke a lot about the Alukaflex® cables because they are the focal point of both the Connect and Midnight series.

Another brand new product that was presented is STACKBOX, which is a completely new concept within power distribution boxes. Made of impact-resistant plastic with rubber properties, makes STACKBOX extremely compact. STACKBOX is available in several sizes, with different accessories, and can be combined and stacked according to requirements. You can customize your power distribution solution just as you want by combining the different STACKBOX units.

Contact us

All in all, it was a really good fair, where we talked to many relevant customers about quality cables for the event industry which was the goal. If you are interested in hearing more about our products and services, please make sure of our contact us page.