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DanCables launch new website.

Welcome. We hope that you will look around and find that DanCables can become a valuable business partner for you.

At DanCables we specialize in making individual cable solutions for our customers. No project is too big or too small, so you are always welcome to contact us if you can’t find information about the type of cables you need. We developed the new website with a digital marketing company, Digital Division.

On the website, our products are divided into three areas: Power Cables, Power Solutions and Power Products.

Product Types

3 Types of product on the DanCable’ website

Power Cables on our website

In Power Cables you will find our aluminum cable – Alukaflex®. It is a cable that consists of flexible fine-threaded aluminum conductors that fit a great many tasks within temporary power. The cable has a lower weight and price when compared to copper cables, and at the same time has a lower risk of being stolen on the construction site. The Alukaflex® rubber cable is also DEKRA certified.

In Power Cables you will also find copper cables and installation cables. The copper cable H07RN-F is available with 1 – 5 conductors and can be supplied on rings and drums or as ready-made cable sets in different lengths. These are high quality cables that fit all tasks. If you need cables for a fixed installation, we have, for example HFAL-M and HFAL-S or armored copper cables.

Power Solutions on our website

In Power Solutions you will find our two new concepts, Alukaflex Connect and Alukaflex Midnight.

Alukaflex Connect is a thoroughly tested concept that combines the flexible Alukaflex® aluminum cables with the high quality Powersafe BiMetal connector. It provides a cable concept that can withstand high current values without at the same time weighing much.

Alukaflex Midnight is a concept of aluminum cables with PUR outer sheath where CEE connectors and cable are made of completely black materials. This is extremely practical in the entertainment industry, where the power installation must not be visible. The concept is available in cable sets from 5G6 32A CEE to 5G50 125A CEE, and as standard in lengths of 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 25 m and 50 m but please contact us if you need other lengths.

Alukaflex Power Solution Product Logos

Power Products on our website

Power Products covers our new electricity distribution box – Stackbox, LED lighting, connectors and tools. Stackbox is the latest product in the portfolio and is distinguished by being extremely flexible. It is available in four standard configurations, but you can assemble it just as you like, and get a device that works perfectly for the desired purpose.

Contact Us

This was a little insight on where you can find the different products on our new website. We hope you find the site interesting and informative. If you have any questions or need a quote, please send us a message via the form at the Contact Us page. Here you will also find phone numbers for the various departments. We are looking forward to hearing from you.