New ice-skating rink in Struer – DanCables delivers the cables

The details were worked on right up to the opening of Struer’s new ice-skating rink. According to the plan, the almost 440 m large skating rink on T.W. Jensens Plads opened on Friday 11 December 2020. The rink is built in a way so that you can skate around the characteristic concrete benches on the new square. If only the temperature stays below 10 degrees, there will be plenty of opportunity for outdoor activity.

It is planned that the new ice rink will be on T.W. Jensens Plads in approx. 3 months, but with the new installation it will in future be easy for Struer Kommune to hold other types of power-intensive events on site with assistance from Struer Energi.

Struer Kommunes nye skøjtebane ice skating rink
Alukaflex Connect kabler fra kølemaskine til skøjtebane

For the nerds or those who are thinking about what it takes to establish such an ice rink

DanCables has supplied cables for establishing the power for the new ice-skating rink. A transformer is located close to the square, and Struer Energi has pulled cables from it to a collection well close to the ice-skating rink. In the collection well, they have installed our Powersafe Panel Source switchboard outlet. For the connection between the collection well and the cooling machine (which cools the ice rink), we have delivered 3 pcs. Alukaflex Connect cable set of 42 meters. For this project, the solution consisted of 3 phases + Zero + Earth with our Powersafe Drain and Source connectors mounted at each end of a 1x120mm² flexible rubber cable with aluminum conductor.

A Powersafe Panel Drain board socket is mounted on the cooling machine. In future, it will make it easy, simple and quick for Struer Kommune to connect and disconnect the ice-skating rink system when it is to be used or driven for storage.

Alukaflex Connect kabler bliver afdækket af kabelmester
Alukaflex Connect med Powersafe connector i samlebrønd ved skøjtebane Alukaflex Connect cables for ice skating rink
Alukaflex Connect kabler i køleanlæg Alukaflex Connect cables for ice skating rink

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If you are working on a project such as a new ice-skating rink or something else and want to hear more about the Alukaflex Connect solution, then you can contact us via the contact page or +45 44 22 30 80. We are ready with advice and guidance.