DanCables has been rewarded Børsen Gazelle 2020!

Last year, DanCables was able to celebrate our 5th anniversary. The first 5 years went by so fast, so it´s incredible that we have been rewarded with the Børsen Gazelle 2020 award already.

That is why it’s a proud Dan Larsen who says, “Being named Børsen Gazelle 2020 after just 5 years makes me incredibly proud. Our team of employees has worked hard to develop the business, and we see the rewards of that now.” And Dan continues; “It has always been important for me to be a credible and reliable partner for our customers. We emphasize sparring and that our cable products are of high quality. This is supported by thorough testing and development according to the latest technology. It makes our customers come from far and wide, and I am very happy about that. We are proud but humble and thank our customers for the trust they have shown us. Without our customers, we could not have achieved this.”

A family owned business

In the beginning, Dan Larsen was responsible for everything himself. However, it soon became clear that more hands were needed. So, when the opportunity arose, the children, Pernille Druedal Nielsen and Michael Druedal Larsen, were taken on board as owners. This created fertile ground for reaching more markets and ensuring continued growth. In 2020, DanCables has hired three new full-time employees who, among other things, will contribute to the development of new business areas. One of these new areas will be introduced to the market in 2021, thus helping to strengthen DanCables’ position in the cable industry along with the Gazelle 2020 award.

Popular products from DanCables

  • Alukaflex, light and flexible aluminum cable
  • Alukaflex Connect, unique concept with Powersafe connector
  • Armored installation cables that no rodents can penetrate

Børsen Gazelle 2020

To become Børsen Gazelle 2020, a company must meet six criteria.

  1. The growth measured on net revenue in the first measurement year must be at least DKK 1 million. kr.
  2. A minimum of four financial statements must be published
  3. The data in the four financial statements must be fully comparable
  4. The growth in net sales, in each of the four years, must be positive
  5. The operating result may be negative for one year, but the sum over the four years must be positive
  6. The nomination only includes the company types A/S and ApS

Contact us

If you are interested in learning more about our cable solutions or the Gazelle 2020 award, please contact us on e-mail sales@dancables.dk.

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Gazelle 2020 award for DanCables