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LED Worklight-30W

Light up your workplace

LED Worklight-30W Chain Fixture,

a quick and easy solution for good work light

Good work light on e.g. construction sites is very important. Our LED Worklight-30W Chain Fixture provides all the light you need on your workspace. For a quick setup and removal, the fixture is equipped with simple clip-on fittings. The weight of the fixture is only 0,578 kg. so, moving it around is simple and effortless.

The light source is an LED strip, so you have the benefit of a robust fixture which is shock and impact resistant. Our LED Work Light Fixture 30W comes fitted with 8m H07RN-F cable with a 230V CEE plug. Additionally, as an extra plus, the fixture is fitted with 1m H07RN-F cable with 230v CEE connector, which operates as an intermediate link for further looping. It is hence very easily connected into series, where needed.

Low weight
Easy Mounting
Can easily be series-connected
Low Power consumption
Robust Light Source
Can withstand shocks and impacts
It starts with a box...

LED Worklight-30W Chain Fixture

When you order your LED Worklight-30W Chain Fixture it comes in a nice and stackable box. It makes sure nothing happens to the fixture during transportation. The chain fixture itself are made from quality materials that, together with the LED light source, can withstand shocks an impacts that may occur during use or transport.

DanCables Chain Fixture LED Worklight-30W in af box
DanCables Chain Fixture LED Worklight-30W with 8m cable
It ends with ...

Great work light

The Light source is a LED strip and is therefore more robust, gives a lower power consumption and longer lifespan compared to traditional fluorescent fixtures. The fixture Itself is equipped with a click-on bracket for quick setup and dismantling. So, you can easily move the light where it is needed without the need for tools or the like.You can order it through Lemvigh-Müllers webshop.

Achieve greater security

LED Worklight with battery backup

In some places, it is critical if the power goes out and the light just suddenly disappears. That is why we have added LED Worklight Chain Fixture-30W with battery backup, to our lighting range. The chain fixture comes with a battery that provides 3 hours of lighting after the power is turned off. This practical fixture can be used both inside and outside and comes with 1 + 8-meter H07RN-F cable and 3P CEE plugs and intermediates.

Download Datasheet
LED kædearmatur med batteri backup
Typical application areas...

For our LED Worklight-30W Chain Fixture

The LED Worklight-30W Chain fixture can be used in any location where there is a need for good working light. It could be in the industry, on construction sites or festival sites and camping areas.

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Do you need power distribution?

Our Stackbox will fit your every need.