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Sodium Batteries

Smart Energy Storage

Battery energy storage system from 65 – 540 kWh.

The only battery with a 100% green heart

With the accelerating need for electrification and focus on renewable energy we also see a growing demand for energy storage. PowerX battery storage systems can store energy generated by solar plants or wind parks. They are designed for optimal sustainability since they are based on sodium/salt technology (NiNaCi), which allows for hybrid solutions that can be adapted to the individual project.

As most off-grid power generation is provided by a diesel generator, a critical factor for the operating costs of a generator is the rising price of fuel, CO2 emission, and transportation costs. Access to remote areas also adds complexity regarding the availability of spare parts and trained technicians for maintenance. Our solution with sodium batteries is a cost-saving and reliable alternative.

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Resource saving
Environmental efficiency
Smart energy consumption
Fuel saving
Cost savings
Load management


Constant performances over a wide temperature range – -40° – +60°C

Long life (low degradation)

Battery energy density – 100- 120Wh/kg, 150 – 190Wh/lt

Zero degradation when not used – (>20 years)

Not re-usable on different applications (theft deterrent)


Intrinsically safe – electrochemical safety

No gas emissions

No flammable materials

No fire/water flood reaction

Safety proven by 20 years of operation

BMS additional safety

Call/Battery steel case

Zero impact

No dangerous raw materials

No conflict materials

100% recyclable

No pollution materials

No gas emissions

100% green

Resource saving

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Typical application areas

Our sodium batterie systems can be used in combination with generator sets or renewable energy sources to create a hybrid power source for micro-grids and construction yards to name a few.

  • Construction yards
  • Micro-grids
  • Residential areas
  • Industrial plants
  • Sun- and wind parks
  • Events
  • Concerts and festivals

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